Gulf Coast Cottage

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    Georgia Carpenter knows how to work hard and all her achievements have been because of hard work. She thought that a person could change her fate if he works hard because this is the key to success. However, her fate proves her wrong at a stage in life when she is not willing to work hard even. The lady turns fifty three when she loses everything in life that she has worked for all these years.

    Her love and family were not there with her anymore and there was no money in her pocket to get settled somewhere else. In a helpless way, Georgia felt for the first time in their life that she was not optimistic anymore. Then she got a letter that an aunt has left a cottage for her at Blackbird Beach. The woman had no place to go so she just packed her bags and went to that cottage in order to understand what life has in stock for her.

    Gulf Coast Cottage

    The house was not well furnished or decorated but it was something that Georgia could call home. Then she met a handyman living near her cottage and the positive vibes start to come back to her more quickly than she expected. Maggie Miller has taken the series quite far so there are Gulf Coast Secrets and Gulf Coast Christmas waiting for you when you will finish this first part of the series.

    There are three narrators who are used for this novel and their names are Lisa Flanagan, Stephanie Einstein, and Ryan West. Such a series bring joy to those who have broken heart because it gives the message that everyone can get a chance in life.

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