House of Chains

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Steven Erikson is an author that you can blindly trust for quality literary writing content. Deadhouse Gates and Midnight Tides are two of his finest novels that will give you a great insight into the imagination and skills of the writer. You will love them even more in their audio format, which is packed with some amazing performances.

The House of Chain is a fantasy science fiction novel with a very inspiring storyline. The characters, the forces and the situations are all unimaginable. The book is chapter 4 of the amazing Malazan Book of the Fallen novel series.

In this 4th chapter, the author reverted to another choice to do the narration and this change turned out to be even more successful for him. Michael Page is the man who did the narration and his approach to the performance with fantastic tone and expression is just what that this novel needed.

The story in this novel starts with the description of Northern Genabackis, which is a raiding party of some tribal warriors, who are actually the descendant of the southern flatlands in its mountains. Their pure intention is to inflict havoc between all the reviled lowlanders. However, for Karsa Orlong, this is all the beginning of something big that will eventually prove to be an unbelievable destiny.

A few years later, it is more related with the aftermath associated with the Chain of Dogs. The adjunct to the Empress is named as Tavore and she has arrived in the stronghold of Malazan under the Seven cities. She is new in this role and supposed to hone as many as 12,000 soldiers. The majority of them are the raw recruits.






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