In Harm’s Way

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Eighth day of the Zombie Apocalypse approaches with a happy tide for Cade as he has finally found what he was looking for i.e his family. Cade was looking for his family all over the country and though the hopes were becoming dull he never stopped trying and finally his efforts have bore fruit. His daughter and wife are now in front of him and they are not zombies which mean that the future is not grim for the family. The family takes shelter in a military base where the new president of the state comes to meet them.

Valerie Clay the new president wants Cade back on the job because only he can fight with those that he killed during his search. After fifteen months of retired life Cade is not rusty of course so he joins back in the squad and it’s time to say bye to the enemy. Trudge and Soldier On introduced a lot of other men including Duncan Winters and Daymon Bush but they don’t have a primary link to this chapter.

They are discussed during the story but Shawn Chesser shows Cade joining with General Mike again for another mission of a lifetime. In Cade’s absence his wife spends time with their eleven years old daughter showing her the way to fight against the undead. The parents know that the time will come when their daughter might have to defend herself on her own. Chris Patton is narrating the ride to the zombie land in a very fine way up till now and hopes are high that the series would end in his voice.



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