Soldier On


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Cade Grayson went loaded to Portland to save his daughter and wife but till now he has not found any clue related to the two. In the meanwhile, the Omega virus has forced Cade to kill his neighbors and other people who came near him with blood lust. Lives are lost at a rapid pace and more danger is approaching because the virus is spreading fast all over the land.

Soldiers have united at Salt Lake City and they provide Cade a chance to settle and rest for a while. For Cade, this is also a waste of time because he has not yet gained any knowledge about his family’s hiding place. Instead of waiting for reinforcement he takes a bike the next morning and sneaks through the station and starts his journey to the only place he can guess he would find his family.

During this time other struggles are going on at different places, for example, the president has started gathering as many men from the army as he can. Among the scientists and doctors, there is research going on to find a cure for the virus. Shawn Chesser takes the battle to the next level that he started writing in Trudge.

Soldier On

The cure is nowhere to be found still but there is a silver lining too, it’s not one man against the rest anymore. More and more people are joining the squad and trying to take on the fight against the zombies. Chris Patton because of the situation in the second part has changed his tone; it is more aggressive in comparison to the first part. Harm’s Way is not the concluding part but it will conclude a lot that has been going on from part one.


Trudge-Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

In Harm’s Way


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