Island 731

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Jeremy Robinson again joins forces with R.C. Bray for the narration of another brilliant novel that is of course related to a journey but this time it’s not a space travel rather it’s a voyage that take the crew to a hostile island that can rip their souls apart. The more the crew discovers about the island the more horrifying their life becomes as they start feeling that they have become a prey to something quite deadly that they cannot even comprehend.

The island proves to be an experimental place for the Japanese government and scientists during the World War II as the island is found full of graves that have dead bodies on a massive scale buried inside them as if whole troops are killed one after the other, after experimentation.

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Such ruthlessness has never been told by the author even in his previous books like Infinite , Space Force and The Others the writer has talked about huge wars and a battle for survival by the humans was always there but the enemies were never humans and the killing was also of not that sick type. The story also shows the human nature that usually gets corrupted because of wars and the humans to become savage brutes that enjoy torturing their fellow beings.

The story takes a vicious turn when the crew comes to know that it is not alone on the island; there is someone else who is taking the troop down one member after another. The fate of those taken away is also perhaps something worse than death. The novel also hints towards the Japanese experimentations during the World War that never ended.


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