Island in the Sea of Time

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M. Stirling is an accomplished writer and beautifully capitalizes on various things that humans at some part of the world has definitely witnessed. In this book, the Island in the Sea of Time, the author talks about the natural disasters and what shock and misery it brings to the inhabitants of the area. The narration of this audio book is done masterfully by Todd McLaren and will keep you engaged throughout its length of over 25 hours.

The story begins with describing a near to perfect evening on Nantucket. It was just a matter of time, when an extremely ferocious storm erupts along with a cupola of crawling, and the entire island gets covered as if with a blanket of fire. When the haunting wind and storm subsided after some time and night sky got cleared up, people noticed that the stars have also appear to be shifted.

The mainland of the zone looks like totally in disarray and as if, it has become a wasteland of perpetual forest. Naked eye could see the stone and the bronze tools completely littering the beaches and the local inhabitants were all in an extreme state of terror.

M. Stirling is a versatile writer and you will see him in a completely different level of writing in a couple of his other books, namely, A Meeting at Corvallis and The Protector’s War. You must check out these two mentioned books to get to know S. M. Stirling further up, close and personal.



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