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Many books have been written since the birth of Jesus Christ about his life and the sacrifice that he gave for the people and the religion. No doubt all the books present in the market have details but the details all prove to be the same written in different styles and language. There is no change in the material; it is always just Christ and his last days of the movement. No work has ever been done on the details of Christ’s early life. So Christopher Moore steps in as the author always does in a totally changed way, we have seen author’s brilliance in Fool and The Serpent of Venice and now another one.

The story of travel, heroic deeds and love is told by Biff a character in the book who happens to be Jesus’ best friend and was always there with him in all his journeys. Through Biff the author informs us about the details that we have missed in the other books about the Messiah. Writing style is really engaging and so is the narration by Fisher Steven that keeps us spell bound till the end of this journey. This book changes our concept in so many ways and there is a huge difference in this one and other books that have been written about Jesus i.e this do not end with a tragedy.

That portion is not touched in this book rather it talks about other journeys of self realization that have not been discussed. So it is more of an unlocking of the secrets by Biff who was always the closest to the Messiah during the journey to India or other such places.





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