Mentats of Dune


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    The machines with a thinking capability were trying to tame the human race when the heroes emerged from all sides and got the job done after a long struggle. The struggle was hard and the reward of freedom was equally worthy. Now after the destruction of the machines, the humans have set up proper institutes which can help the future generation to use the technology in a better way, without losing control.

    Gilbertus has started the Mentat School which is with the aim to guide the youth in a better way. This school is not the only place where the youth of the human race is being trained. Raquella is also moving on the same pattern with Sisterhood School that was established long ago after Dune: The Machine Crusade and Dune: The Battle of Corrin. In both these places the youth is housed in the most appropriate way but not everyone here is with the same agenda.

    There are some like Gilbertus who want revenge from those who destroyed his home and family in the past. The third group is of the Navigators who are elite warriors. All of it could have been smooth if Manford Torondo would not have an opposite thought about this new society.

    Mentats of Dune

    The group which Manford leads is against all of these new thoughts of accepting technology once again. Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson start a new war in this second part of the series. This war is among the humans who want to organize the new world in their own way. Narrator Scott Brick has been with the series for a very long time so no one knows the story better than him thus carrying on which him is the right thing no doubt.

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