Navigators of Dune


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The “Great Schools of Dune” kept a good speed in the first two episodes and the third one is with a real raw conclusion. The story in the first two parts was not very complicated as the enemies and allies were quite clear for the listeners. The three schools had their own style and agendas but they were with one single motive and it was a great sign for the human beings who were in an exhausted condition.

Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson have not tried to take the series a great deal further because such an attempt would have made everything quite dull and boring. So it is the right time for Scott Brick to end another portion of this epic series.

Navigators of Dune

The Sisterhood has its own breeding program in which it excelled a lot and there seemed to be no hindrance that could have stopped the progress of this school. Then came the Mentats in Mentats of Dune after Sisterhood of Dune. In this last part the authors talk about the Navigators which is a guild of skilled warriors.

The story is quick paced like always and never ever the authors have tried to slow the pace of the story in order to increase its length. The quality has not be compromised at any stage and this has been one of the strengths which cannot be compromised at all. In the end everything is adjusted quite well and there is a proper room left if the authors want to knit another trilogy on the basis of this one. Action was preferred as compared to suspense because the authors didn’t want to confuse the audience a lot.


Mentats of Dune



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