Miracles and Massacres

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Miracles and Massacres is a book on the history of America. It is written by Glenn Beck. He is a phenomenal conservative political commentator and a conspiracy theorist from America. He did well as an author to highlight some major social issues through his books which you could find in Arguing with Socialists. Moreover, Dreamers and Deceivers is another fantastic title from Glenn Beck that you must check out as well.

Ron McLarty and Glenn Beck narrated this audiobook. It went quite well and you will be able to grasp the key message through their impactful tone.

History is a lot more than only memorizing facts. It is about the story and the one which is told in the right manner. It is the finest one ever written. It is about tragedy and triumphs evil and good, and the appalling acts of savagery. On top of that, it is also about daring acts of heroism.

If you haven’t learned much about the things from the past then knowing that would shock you. The reason behind the significance of gun control to the government elites could be easily found in the story of Athens. This is something that nobody in this world dares to teach. The real power of someone who trysts his heart could be found in the tale of the man who restricted the 20th hijacker during the 9/11 incident.

This is an eye-opening account that everyone should read. If you are someone who is into historical trivia coming in byte size bits then this title is for you. It tells the history which you might never have heard before where you will find the stories to be extremely important and relevant in today’s world.

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