Neon Prey

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John Sandford presents a criminal who is not what he seems to be at a first glance, as Clayton Deese is not much of a high profiled criminal who is always in the news or is being chased by the local cops.

 Deese is that sort of a guy who can be hired if you want to teach an ordinary man a lesson if he comes in your way in one way or the other. Deese is all muscle working for a single boss but of course not performing jobs that include ruthless killing of any sort.

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The story takes a sharp turn when Deese comes out of jail, which he faced because a job in south went wrong and as soon as he comes out of the jail he is wanted by the US Marshal because he wants to arrest his boss through him.

The simple story becomes a thriller when they find a city of graves behind Deese’s cabin and find out that they perhaps never knew the man quite well, now they start a new mission, a mission in which they have to gun down the serial killer that has been operating for years in the city without any sort of trail.

The writer has blended the plot well with the collection of events and has presented ample thrill and suspense in the story that the reader is bound to enjoy every last bit of it. It’s just like the novels   Holy Ghost and Bloody Genius where we can find plenty of action and characters like Lucas Davenport that always amuse us. Richard Ferrone narrates wonderfully well till the end of the story and there is not loss of energy in any part of the whole novel.


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