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Night Music marks another super addition to the archives of well-known novelist, Jojo Moyes. It is a contemporary fiction novel where the author put both her heart and mind into it. The narration of Night Magic novel is given by Clare Corbett.

The Spanish House is a whole blend of designs, Gothic, Georgian and Moorish as I, whoever has gone forward to start it has got bored. It is known for a longtime as an architectural idiocy to the locals. And, that now is nearly abandoned to boot.

When the reclusive owner of the Spanish House died, the property was left to his niece living in the city. Her name was Isabel and she recently got widowed. For her, this house was a potential lifeline and probably the only hope that she has in order to provide her two kids with their basic necessities and not to sell her most valuable possession.

On the other end, the house was more of a revenge for matt McCarthy, the neighbor. His revenge was meant on the family who actually ruined his father completely. For his wife, the house was key to have a near to perfect family life, while a struggling house developer sees in the property a complete new future. Just as the desires of many stakeholders clashed, the loves and lives of everyone involved got demolished all of a sudden. The Spanish House becomes a complete craziness indeed.

And Me Before You are exceptional novels written by Jojo Moyes, where the former novel is the one that actually defined her career as a fine fictional novelist. By all means of literary entertainment, you will have a good time listening to the audio versions of these recommended novels.





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