Nights of the Witch

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Nights of the Witch is a fictional book written by the British author and journalist named Graham Hancock. The book is chapter one of the War God novel series. The author Graham Hancock writes a lot about ancient history, Earth changes, ancient myths, and a lot of similar stuff. If you are looking for more books from the author then you can check out the audio versions of Magicians of the Gods and America Before.

Barnaby Edwards took the charge of narrating this chapter. His performance without any doubt was top notch and matching some of the greats narrators like R. C. Bray.

The story in this novel starts with the introduction of a young girl named Tozi. She stands right at the bottom of a pyramid and was waiting there to be taken to the top spot where her own heart will be cut into pieces.

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A Spanish orphan named Pepillo is onboard the Spanish fleet just as it sets off towards its destination of Mexico. He used to serve there as a vicious Dominican friar. This book tells an epic tale of a terrible crash between two empires and their two armies along with two distinct gods of war.

500 frantic adventurers are just about to mine themselves against the vicious armies of ancient America. This was a great war between men and gods. Things became quite weird but exciting from here.

The story in this book flows quite well and this along with the brilliant writing of Graham is the main reason for the success of this book. The audio performance by Barnaby Edwards was also quite outstanding. Member Benefit

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