Lord of the Shadows


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    Darren after performing miracles in the world of vampires is coming back to his world. He left his world long ago when he was selected as the vampire assistant, after that he never thought of returning. Darren as a young boy just kept on excelling in the other world and that was the main cause he never bothered to think about his home.

    Lord of the Shadows

    His return to his homeworld is also because of tasks that he has to complete at any rate. The Ruler of the Night wants to occupy Darren’s world and being the child of the night he can stop him. There once again exists a threat that the Vampire Prince might not come out of the mission in one piece. Ruler of the Night is not the only trouble that Darren faces there are other rivals from the books Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare and Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant.

    Darren thought that he had left all those faces in his past but they appear all at once in front of his eyes thus making his mission tough to complete. Everyone wants the boy to suffer as they think that he ran from all the competition but they are not fully aware that Darren has evolved over the years. He is not the one, the rivals once met in high school. Heavy tone by Ralph Lister brings out the real man in the newly emerging vampire. It’s not the teenage boy we are talking about anymore rather the author Darren Shan has given his main character the real manly touch in the war zone this time.

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