No One Gets Out Alive

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Darkness is something that lives within the person. The story in this novel is about Stephanie Booth, who is cash strapped, while working for different agencies and living in a shared accommodation.

Stephanie feels that she is really at the bottom of her luck and financial matters and couldn’t fall any below than this. When she rent out a new room at a reasonable price, she thought that luck has finally found its way to her. 82 Edgware Road, the address of her new room is something that is not just about OK.

It was not just Knacker McGuire, her new landlord’s disturbing attitude or the eerie atmosphere of the neglected house, which was making her uneasy, but there was something a lot more. The thing was the weird whisper that she used to experience right behind the fireplace in her room. She also used to experience some mysterious scratching beneath the floors and sometimes the footsteps were heard in the dark.

Moreover, the weirdest and scariest of all was the mysterious weeping voice of a young woman in the neighboring rooms. The danger just got vertical when the Fergal, cousin of Knacker arrives.

Adam Nevill, the award winning author has definitely done it masterfully in bringing the true essence of a horror fiction to the readers/ listeners. It is highly important to mention Colleen Prendergast, the narrator of this novel, who was exceptional to make it sound really horrifying and exciting at the same time.

Some Will Not Sleep and The Reddening are other brilliant and engrossing novels that Adam Nevill has written. You would love to have them in their audiobook versions, which is even better and enjoyable than reading experience.

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    Some Will Not Sleep

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