Obsidian Butterfly

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Many characters of the series have remained famous among the fans over the years, one of them was Edward. Edward is one of those men who remained very close to Anita during her missions and possesses a soft corner for her.

One difference that exists between him and the rest of the male characters is the detail about him. Laurell K. Hamilton never provided a strong background for the character, we never observe Anita pondering about his past or trying to investigate about it. Now when he calls her for help in the case, she gets the chance to look into his past more carefully and in a detailed way.

Circus of the Damned and Guilty Pleasures talked mostly about Jean and Richard, this book is devoted to Edward. Edward looks worried when Anita comes to him as there has been an evil force that is killing his men. Together the two start the mission during which Anita gets the chance to meet Edward’s beloved too. The case takes them to the grave of the Red Woman’s husband. There they find the truth behind the killings; someone has stolen from the tomb and is now selling the stolen goods in the town.

Those who purchase those goods are killed by the men of Red Woman’s husband. The end is not much about the evil forces rather Kimberly Alexis narrates Edward’s passion for his family that he has been hiding for decades. Anita leaves the family with the sweetness of love in her heart for them and the rest of her friends. She also feels less curious about Edward after knowing all about him.


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