Outcast of Redwall

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Outcast of Redwall is book 7 of the popular Redwall novel series. Redwall is the best-selling series in New York Times with millions of copies in prints. Outcast of Redwell is a genre fiction novel which is suitable for people of all ages, including teenagers as well. The author of this novel is Brian Jacques who had a fantastic reputation among book lovers as a great author. His popular novels include Mattimeo and Mossflower which were much loved by audience wrld over.

Outcast of Redwall is a stirring, exciting and a sword rattling chapter from the Redwall saga. The book beautifully demonstrates that the questions related to wrong and right do not usually have the simple or straightforward answers. The ferret Veil is raised at Redwall and was abandoned by Swartt Sixclaw, his vicious and evil warlord father. But, the time when he commits a big and an unforgivable crime then he is exiled for good. Therefore, when Swartt Sixclaw sets off on a rampage then Veil must make a definite choice. The choice should be either to fight hard for the father who actually orphaned him or fight for those who have turned him away completely.

Brian Jacques worked as the narrator of this novel as well. It is always great to have him in the capacity of a narrator as he fulfils this role so well just like his writing. There was in fact a whole narration team involved in this audio book and they all together gave a smashing performance.

The book is highly recommended for fiction lovers of all ages. You will just adore the characters and audio performances along with some occasional singing as well.




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