Perfect Little World

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After writing stories about the everyday issues of families and the social issues that all of us face every now and then Kevin Wilson comes back to fiction. This novel too is narrated by Therese Plummer who did an excellent job in The Family Fang and now in this entirely new concept the quality of narration has not suffered any change. Isabelle Poole the girl in distress and the main character of this book has lost everything in her life after establishing a bond with her art teacher.

She became pregnant because of the relation and now the art teacher is in no mode to except her and the child. In hopeless condition she finds shelter in Dr. Preston Grind’s utopia that has been funded by a billionaire.

The concept of this housing facility is to develop an ideal relationship between the parents and their children. Proper environment is provided to the couples and the children too are motivated at every step. Isabelle finally finds the place she has been looking for her all her life; she establishes an ideal bond with her son that she wasn’t expecting during pregnancy.

Soon however the utopia starts facing the downfall she never expected. The funding was not there anymore and the couples too seem to be going on the wrong path.

Dr. Grind’s own past too also becomes a matter of concern for Izzy. Thus simple things become far more complex that we ever expect in the opening scenes. Izzy’s decision and the life of her son faces things that she never expected ever in her life, she starts thinking that she and the rest of the couples were like lab rats that were being watched all the time.

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