The Family Fang

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Complex plot full of humor with an extra pinch in it, the fang family is together apparently but originally they have left each other ages ago. It is the profession of the father and mother that pinch their two children more than anything.

It is because the two during their childhood were forced to take part in the artistic work of their parents that they failed to like all their life. Even now they call the art of Caleb and Camille Fang a mischief or a lie that they present in front of the public.

Buster and Annie after their horrifying childhood leave their family house and try to adjust themselves in the city but they lose everything wherever they go or whatever they do. All of it leaves the two with only one solution i.e go back to the place where it all started, their home. As the two reach the place where they were born they witness the bitter truth that nothing has changed since the day they left the house of the Fangs.

The parents were busy in creating a new piece of art that they were going to display in front of a large audience and as they again try to force their children into their art the family is left with a choice between the art and the relation of what is left of it between them. It is not like Nothing to See Here or Baby, You’re Gonna Be Mine because it is less fiction and more originality. Family relations and bonds too are really tested in this artistic beauty by Kevin Wilson who has formed a good pair with the narrator Therese Plummer.

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