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Vaughn Heppner is a native Canadian writer. However, he moved to USA where his literary writing career started and quickly made him one of the finest writers among his contemporaries. He is arguably one of the most successful indie authors.

It is mainly because of his 76 publications on Goodreads. He also got featured in the prestigious list of the Writers of the Future in 1993. The Lost Starship and The Lost Swarm are two immensely popular novels from the author. Both of these mentioned novels are from The Lost Starship novel series, which as a whole was quite entertaining and popular.

Bio-Weapon is a contemporary science fiction novel. It is the 2nd chapter of the Doom Star saga.

This novel starts with the mentioning of the humans being the warheads in the contest of missiles verses the long-range beams in space. The Homo sapiens from planet Earth had the launching of their experimental beamship. It is a superbly awesome and breathtaking technology, which enables it to out-range the Doom Stars.


The Highborn is looking to have that ship desperately. They used to deploy a swarm of missiles, while knowing that only a few of those would reach. The secret weapons are in the nosecones. The challenge is to enable and also free the Earth Corps from the Campaign of Japan.

Marten Kluge along with his allies should go on to ride the torps and storm over the boardship. The other option that they have is to die right in the midst of cold vacuum in space.

Ely Miles has given the narration of this novel and the performance was not highly attractive as per many of the listeners.


Star Soldier

Battle Pod


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