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 The Harbinger Series, Book 4

The fourth one in the series comes with a bang as Jeff Wheeler shifts friendships and loyalties for the people on the higher posts because of certain revelations. There are several turns and twists in the story which make the whole drama more appealing to our minds. The characters are well constructed and their personalities also appear differently in different scenarios.

These have been the chief qualities of the writer’s master pieces and can be seen in the other works like Storm Glass and Iron Garland. The assassination of the king at the start of the story makes us prepared for the action that we are about to see in the story as it marches on. Sera Fitzempress seem to be the ideal choice for her country after the death of the king as she is also ready to marry the prince of Muirwood that would not only make her position strong but would also help to bring peace between the two states.

The secrets however are revealed by another character Cettie a lower born and a close friend of the new queen, the secret becomes so big for her that she fails to keep it hidden as the fate of the whole country rests on the revelation of that secret. Cettie is also forced to choose between friendship and patriotism, and she proves to be the main character who finds herself in a race against time situation to stop the wedding before it’s too late. Kate Rudd has been given the narrator’s job for this tale and it is nice to hear such a voice that prepares us for the upcoming war and lets us feel the sensation as well at every level.   


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