Red Rain

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Red Rain is the 4th installment in the Nameless novel series, which is a saga of small and interesting fictional stories. It is written by Dean Koontz who has authored one after the other great short stories in Nameless novel series, and Red Rain is just one of them. Edoardo Ballerini has his task cut out once again for giving the narration of this short story in his emphatic and forceful voice and that was effortlessly done by him in the novel.

The story is about a cruel town, where the corrupt people are protected. A bereaved and a helpless mother is looking for retribution against the deadly crimes of an arsonist. There is only one man on this earth who could help this mother to ease her burden, grief and also to completely satisfy her rage. That person of course is Nameless.

After the mysterious set the house on fire, Regina Belmont lost her 2 kids. She was left totally disfigured and in the course of time, her gutless husband also abandoned her. Not only this, but the bereaved mother was also bullied into silence by the authorities or officials, whom she approached for justice. The only hope for justice and truth for Regina is Nameless. There is something very special about this case, which is breaking the heart of Nameless as well. But, could he be able to remember why? Has this something to do with his mysterious and secretive past?

The Mercy of Snakes and Memories of Tomorrow are other popular novels or short stories that Dean Koontz have written. They are immensely interesting and part of the Nameless fictional series by the author.



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