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Ripple novel is a great addition to the already successful Breakthrough novel series. It is a literally product of Michael J. Grumley. The book is chapter 4 of the Breakthrough novel series by the writer. Ripple was a highly anticipated novel by the author considering the great interest he developed in his audience in the prequels to this book. Scott Brick, the magician with his voice is back again with the powerful narration of this novel, which you will surely admire.

It all started many thousands of years ago in Ethiopia, when just a few mutations resulted in the evolution for splitting the primates and then the mankind was born. Now at the present time, evidence of a lot more splits from the apes is not much heard about. But, there is a very disturbing realization with them. Ours was only the one out of the huge lot.

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Still, we managed to survive this. But, all this was not done by any chance or luck. We were able to survive because the mankind has got something, which other creatures don’t have. It is that unique thing, which is been rediscovered just now.

First in South America, somewhere in its mountains, where it got completely destructed by the Chinese. Now, the epicenter of humankind’s inception, a source in Africa region, it is actually that place, which John Clay along with Alison Shaw should locate sooner rather than later.

Catalyst and Breakthrough are a couple of other popular novels by Michael J. Grumley. These are mystery thrillers and part of the Breakthrough novel series, which is highly likable for its great storyline and the mysterious situations capable of mesmerizing any book lover.



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