River of Blue Fire

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River of Blue Fire is a fictional classic novel. It is the second chapter in the Otherland novel series which is beautifully written by Tad Williams. He is a prolific author of science fiction and fantasy novels where he has got many good novels to his name. Among his best works, The Dragonbone Chair and The Stone of Farewell novels tops the list.

The audio narration of this chapter is done by George Newbern. After reading a lot of reviews and feedbacks given for his performance, it can be safely stated that Newbern gave a stellar performance.

 Otherland is a significant achievement of mankind in several different ways. It is a multidimensional and private universe that is built over a couple of human generations. There were a few best minds behind this creation who belonged to the 21st century. But, this highly exclusive place is also the one that has kept some of the best secrets of the world. It was created and run by the most ruthless and powerful organization in the world. It was more of a private cartel which was for those who know about their existence or presence at all. It was known as The Grail Brotherhood.

Their purpose behind the creation of the Otherland remains a mystery. But, it might not remain the same way for long. They have extorted a huge price in the process from mankind. Their immensely organized conspiracy at the global level might not conceal the nature of their severe crimes for a long time.

Tad Williams and George Newbern make a perfect team of author and narrator respectively. They gave another sensational hit in the series which you cannot afford to miss out on.

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