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Fifth part brings more fun and more fights that we have witnessed throughout in this superb series by Christian Cameron narrated wonderfully well by Peter Noble. The motive is clear now the author took everything from Arismnestos in order to load his fate with many more that he never imagined in his life not even in his dreams.

His true potential is revealed to him when he enters the war zone in Killer of Men and Marathon and kill more men than any other warrior. First it was just for survival and then when the fear is gone he starts enjoying the whole arena thing and killing men becomes a part of his daily routine and after that his job and then his passion.

It is like the gods wanted him to join the whole thing and he is made to suffer so that he can fight with no mercy in the eyes. The battle of Salamis’s approaches and most think that it would prove the end of everything for one of the rivals because it is gigantic and both of the parties will enter the battlefield with all their heroes. Arismnestos never ever witnessed anything like that but he is ready for everything because he is not afraid of death.

The more he wants to go into the arms of death ironically the more death moves away or perhaps even death is afraid of the man who slaughters men like small insects. It is time to settle down old scores and check whether the heroes of the previous wars were really worthy of the fame and glory that they achieved.




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