Savage Homecoming

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Savage Homecoming: Omega Force, Book 3

Captain Jason Burke has been on different missions with his team and although there has been quite a lot of difficulties in the mission but those missions have made the team a family. Everyone feels comfortable in the presence of one another and protect each other like a family member.

Burke’s feeling too are not different at all, the one perfect unit can do anything when the day is right for them. It is a ship full of humanity in the space with no humans at all. Joshua Dalzelle has intentionally focused on this element that can be observed in Marine and Omega Rising a lot and is found in bulk in this novel as well.

There is also another mission the Force has continued along with other secondary things i.e protecting the existence of the mother earth. They have tried to keep earth hidden from the aliens so that they could never invade the humans. Their efforts are dashed to the ground when the earth is invaded by the aliens and the team rushes for the help but this time they are too late. The enemy sets foot on the earth and the massive killing brings catastrophe to the land.

The official narrator Paul Heitsch takes charge in this part too and like all the other parts this part is narrated up to perfection and the voice has become a source of attraction for the fans now. Thus experimenting in the narrator’s department is not a good thing at this stage and it is recommended that the series should end in the same dramatic voice of the legendary narrator Paul Heitsch.

Savage Homecoming Savage Homecoming

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