Servant of the Empire

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Mara decorated the first part of the series by her epic character, she was not into politics or ruling but then circumstances forced her to rule the kingdom as her own. She was handed over the kingdom when she wasn’t ready and the kingdom was under terrible threat. Yet she did not surrender and did what was needed to protect her people in Daughter of the Empire.

Even her personal life was sacrificed but she didn’t care for any of that and thus proved herself as the true daughter of the empire. Raymond E. Feist and Janny Wurts add another one in the stock and this is about a slave who falls in love that is forbidden for him. Love is at the core but the story is still about the empire and its survival against the accursed enemies. One change that the couple has brought into this book is the use of magic which was not there in full bloom in the first part.

For some it is a shift from the main line and does not merges well with the story but the main character is not using magic she is still using the old ways. So we can say that the two authors have tried to make the task tough for Mara and the use of magic has no other objective. Mistress of the Empire will hopefully be narrated by Tania Rodrigues because she has narrated the first two to absolute perfection. Whether it is love scenes or fighting zone Tania has achieved perfection in the entire show and fans hope that she will end the trilogy in the exact way.

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    Daughter of the Empire

    Mistress of the Empire


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