Shadows of the Great Forest

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Akella goes for a different character this time and if you have not listened to Patch 17 and The Cursed Princedom then don’t start this one. Krian is the main character of the series that has launched a quest against the enemy who has made him toil in the virtual world. Here for the sake of some innovative thoughts Akella has introduced Max who too is suffering a lot in many ways.

There could be two reasons behind the intro of Max, one the author wants to make him help the main character in the future parts and the second could be that the author wanted to break the routine. For Max the narrator too has been changed and here, Nick Podehl narrates this new character and this latest episode. Dark gods gave failed more than one time now in their attempts to get rid of the heroes that are now trying to dominate their domain so they come with more grudge now.

Max is not like Krian he has people to save and among those friends there is a woman whom he loves more than anyone else in the world. This makes that woman the prime target of the enemy, it is time to rise for both sides and the final war will decide the fate of the heroes and dark gods forever.

After many amendments there still remains an issue associated to the series i.e the author has not touched the real world for a long time and since the enemy of Krian is present in the real world it needs to be discussed along with the virtual world.

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