Sin & Surrender


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    Much awaited conclusion finally comes out from the pen of K.F. Breene likes sparks from a red hot chimney. The author has devoted full energies to this paranormal masterpiece, Khristine Hvam is also not behind in the efforts and it is because of narration that we are able to feel the feelings in the novel. Kieran trying to be the demigod of San Francisco since Sin & Chocolate but one problem and then the other have been rising against him. Here Kieran along with Lexi has finally reached the Magical Summit where his fate would be decided forever.

    Sin & Surrender

    Both of them are fully aware what they have come to but they were left with no other way. Among the enemies they have to prove their point and worth, for the enemies it is a good chance to get rid of them. For the ultimate goal Kieran goes to the meeting where everything would be settled once and for all but this isolates Lexi from him. She is left alone in the devil’s den and she knows that evil lurks in every corner.

    If this be her fate the girl is ready because she is also in her full potential and perhaps knows more about magic as compared to her enemies and allies. Ending was good and it was better than the expectations of the fans that were really dying to listen to the conclusion. There were certain things or hints in Sin & Lightning that were attached to this tale; the author has also mixed those entire stories well in the final chapter. Thus no loose end can be traced anywhere by the fans and the critics.


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