Star Soldier

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Vaughn Heppner is a quality writer with some immense popularity in the literary writing fraternity and the book lovers. The expertise of Vaughn Heppner is in military science fiction fantasies that also made him the bestselling author. The Lost Supernova and The Lost Swarm are the popular novels of Vaughn Heppner that have a huge fan base.

Star Soldier is a contemporary science fiction novel. The book is chapter 1 of the Doom Star novel series. Narration for the novel is done by Ely Miles. As per the reviews, the narrator could have done a little better with the vocal performance.

The story in this opening chapter is all about the survival of the fittest people in the brutal war of extinction.

The Highborn has made up the mind to replace the Homo sapiens, which were developed in the gene las as super soldiers and are obsolete now. They went on to pirate the Doom Stars and locked the Sun Works Ring round the Mercury planet. Now, they are known for raining asteroids, 9-feet long drop troops and the orbital fighters over the Earth in an unremitting wave of conquest.

Marten Kluge is found at the receiving end of the things. He lives his life just as an ant living in a kilometer deep city, being excessively hounded by Thought Police. The invasion managed to get him freed from the re-education site, but had him in army, while fighting on the wrong side.

The novel is a tale of techno hell involved in a brutal war. It has too many surprises for the audience to enjoy and comes in with nonstop action and entertainment in the audiobook format.

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