Suffer Little Children

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Suffer Little Child is a novel written by Peter Tremayne. The author is mainly known for is mystery thrillers which are loved for their fast pace and amazing suspense. This subject novel is just one of those special crime fictional novels by the author. The book is also a part of the Sister Fidelma novel series. A few other quality books written by Peter are Murder in an Irish Village and A Prayer for the Damned. The novels are recommended more in their audio versions for extreme enjoyment.

Caroline Lennon just like the prior two chapters of this series is the narrator once again. The performance given was quite outstanding and the audience finds it quite energetic with clarity of accent, tone, and expression by the narrator.

The story of this novel is set in the Venerable Decan in the middle of the 7th century AD. A much loved and respected scholar of the Celtic Church has been found dead. He was killed while he was on his tour to a remote abbey in Muman, an Irish Kingdom. When the foul death of Dacan was taken by a neighboring kingdom to put up reparation demand, a deadly was looked obvious.

Sister Fidelma was called upon by the dying king of Muman. She was asked to investigate the case and solve the mystery of brutal killing. With this act, she will be able to prevent the war between the two mighty kingdoms.

The novel is good but as compared with the prior two chapters of this series, Suffer Little Children lacked that much of excitement. But that doesn’t take away anything from the series. It is worth listening and the performance from Caroline is good too.


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