Tails of Wonder and Imagination Audiobook

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Tails of Wonder and Imagination

It’s nice to observe so much cat tales together in a single book especially if you are a cat lover. The book no doubt has the taste of so many famous writers of the current age that its hard to reject or repel. On story after the other catches the attention of the listener and also the variety of different writers amuses us a lot. The narration is ok but there is a bit trouble when we hear the same voice in all the different stories present in the book. The listener for the first five to six stories feel it a bit difficult to shift his mode from one story to another as they are all not in the same pattern which is quite obvious when you read the name of too many writers on the title.

Cat of almost each variety is present in the book. Cats are presented as human heroes in the stories, they are acting like heroes, main characters and in many places as villains as well. We observe the element of LT’s Theory of Pets in it as cats or pets are preferred part of the book. We also observe the mysterious elements as well in the life of cats as most of the writers are specialist in fiction writing. It is also great to know after listening to the book that cat is a common idea among a huge number of writers of the same generation and we can feel the elements like we did in the book titled Carrie.



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