Target Zero

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Our beloved agent Kent comes to his real life as he is called by the CIA to join the life that he left accidentally or perhaps intentionally once. Jack Mars weaves another one of the agent zero spy thrillers in which Kent is once again on a mission that can cost him everything, even his life.

There are assassins on his back and he finds himself in such a condition that he cannot trust his lover even. Still not with his full memory Kent struggles to know that why everyone is behind him in the first place.

The writer creates quite a drama out of Kent’s memory return and this proves to be the very thing that joins the part with Agent Zero. Also, it creates suspense as well when Kent slowly and steadily comes to realize the hidden truths about him as the memory comes back to him in flashes.

And perhaps a memory return is the only way left for him with the help of which he can survive otherwise he is portrayed as a man who is destined to fail. The whole story is just awesome and everything is great about the story, the strong plot, the continuation that links it with the previous part and the narration.

The narration by Edoardo Ballerini goes to a different level as he uses a bit pinch pitch this time to show the intense feelings of Kent. Also, the narrator depicts the trust nobody situation quite well which is the basic ingredient of this thriller and makes it worth to read. There is also a variation in the voice for different characters that creates an extra space for us.



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