The Burning White

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The Burning White is the 5th chapter out of the popular Lightbringer novel series and what a fantastic novel this is. Although, same could be said about its prequel and all other chapters in the series. Brent Weeks as expected has done a wonderful job with his storyline and the character and situations of Lightbringer. Simon Vance as a narrator has done a highly impressive job once again for the author Brent Weeks and for all the audience of this novel. The novel is a historical science fiction based novel, which you would love to the core.

The Burning White is the concluding chapter of the Lightbringer novel series and what a stunning end it is to the series. The novel series has the distinction of being the bestselling novel series of its time in the New York Times.

The novel talks about the clash of kingdoms and how Kip should look to ultimately escape from the shadow of his family, so that he could then go on to protect not only the land, but also the people that he loves the most. Kip Guile and all his allies started to scramble in order to return towards one of the most impossible stands and that too for the last time. Will this become a reality?

The Broken Eye and The Black Prism are other popular novels by the writer, Brent Weeks. Both these novels are from the Lightbringer novel series by the writer, which also means that they are science fiction fantasies. They definitely deserve a chance to get listened to and to know about the author and his successful Lightbringer novel series more closely.







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