The Case of the Car-Barkaholic Dog

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This is the Book 17 from the Hank the Cowdog series that has been written and narrated by John R. Erickson who has created a masterpiece character named Hank the Cowdog who is always willing to respond to the emergencies and different threats that happen in and around the ranch for which he has assigned himself all the responsibilities whenever there comes a threat or danger or when the ranch is being attacked by an enemy who may not know if Hank is in charge of security there.

This is the case of a dog named Rambo who is a bully and attacks Hank’s sister and family when Hank is out for a trip. As a fact, he thinks he is the ultimate solution for every problem that arises in the ranch and the same thing motivates him to act quickly and tries to plan and save the sister and kids as soon as possible.

The real problems come when the Cow dog is unable to reach them out quickly but has to plan things ahead before they get worse. As a fact, Hank has the capability to find a solution more quickly and finds a quick way soon to get back to the ranch and give the enemies a lesson. The narration and the song behind the story really gives a joyful feel for the kids who listen to it.

Hank no doubt acts the way he decides to save the family just like he did in the other adventures It’s a Dog’s Life and The Original Adventures of Hank the Cowdog.






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