The Case of the Midnight Rustler

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The midnight Rustler is not a different story as it is the Book 19 form the series Hank the Cowdog and reflects the fight against the criminals that Hank the cowdog has to confront while at the stake out at the canyon.

Though that seems more like the adventures of the security dog hank at the ranch but it is far serious and far more different from all other adventures that Hank has been through all his life.

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John R Erickson  describes the way Hank takes each and every job as slims is with him in this stakeout tasks as well, he is never preparing for a failure rather he is hopeful to catch the calf snitchers who are getting all the calves from the Johnny’s field.

Though finding anything is easy but finding the snitcher who are stealing the calves rapidly from the farm is not an easy things. There has to be a good plan to catch them quickly before the problem keeps growing.

There are many things that people have to follow and the cowdog know what he has to do before the coyotes and the snitchers attack him again. He has to cope up with all the obstacles and make sure to reach them before they reach the calves again.

Making sure that kids will enjoy the story with the narration and the song it has, you will find as beautifully written and carefully narrated as you may find other stories including the The Further Adventures of Hank the Cowdog and other stories from the series.


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