The Cross and the Curse

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Matthew Harffy started the chronicles is a terrific way when the author unfolded the first chapter there were several other plots attached to the main plot. Not every portion was completed in the first chapter but that was not a weakness of the author at all. Those lose ends were present in the first chapter The Serpent Sword so that the next part can be joined with the first with the help of those threads.

The whole series thus gives you a gripping feeling and it is obvious that once you have started it you are always wondering when the next part will appear making things clearer in your mind. Narration is in the voice of Barnaby Edwards once again because it was liked or loved a lot in the first portion. Barnaby now understands the story more than anyone and thus changing the narrator would have been a disaster for the tale.

This story takes in 634 AD and we know from the date that one year has now passed since the day when Beobrand’s brother was murdered by the enemy. Since then our hero has not rested at all and he has kept his allies engaged in fights from which they cannot back away now. Beobrand has defeated the Waelisc and he is approved as a hero throughout the land as he tries to relish the wealth and the power that he has achieved he finds himself again in a pit. Surrounded by enemies from all side the young hero had to farewell his wife once again for the final destruction of his enemy. That is what a hero gets in his life i.e no time to relax.




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    The Serpent Sword

    Blood and Blade


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