The Gathering Storm

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Robert Jordan’s series takes the assistance of Brandon Sanderson this time in writing as the sparkling voices of Michael Kramer and Kate Reading continue to amaze us with their superb flow. The “Wheel of Time” has not lost an atom of its flavor since book one. Though this is the twelfth part the audience is always expecting the next part and does not want the saga to end. It seems that everyone has started enjoying the continuation and wants the story to continue with new characters coming in all the time.

Jordan blends everything with superb stroke of his pen and making a compact whole out of so many things was never an easy task. From the last two chapters Crossroads of Twilight and Knife of Dreams one thing is clear that Rand wants to make an army with what is left of the kingdoms. He even makes a truce with the invaders in order to stop Seanchan but there is another problem that he faces far bigger than everything around.

The shadow grows bigger and bigger in Rand’s heart who is the dragon reborn. The fate of the white tower also leans in balance as Aes Sedai finally decides to fight in order to prove her worth in the war and for the tower as well. Still no one controls the wheel of time that moves on its own will deciding the fate of the people who compete in the deadliest of battles.

A struggle of an extreme level is the main aspect which makes the series so much appealing to the mind; no tiredness is shown by the main characters which surely amuses us throughout.








Knife of Dreams

Towers of Midnight


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