Crossroads of Twilight

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Mat escapes with his future wife from Ebou but not in a manner that liked as he was forced to kidnap her in order to save her life from the Seanchan Empire and the Shadow too who is always searching for her as a prize. Robert Jordan has always portrayed characters with the warrior spirit in the first nine books up to Winter’s Heart.

The characters have never betrayed their groups no matter what the conditions were but this time we see a betrayal from Perrin. Perrin though has always been one of the trusted friends of Rand but his love for his wife diverts his mind and he joins the enemy.

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The motive though is not to deceive his trusted friend but the poor guy is left with no choice to sell his soul to the enemy. Andor on the other hand fights for the lion thrown that according to her is her birthright and she too is left with no other choice as losing the throne would also mean losing her freedom as well. Rand too starts getting into his true self as he is, after all, a dragon reborn sadly however he is still hated by the people of the land.

The story still moves on many different lines and the writer has not tried to unify the battle at all. Each character is fighting an individual battle though the cause is the same the areas and the enemies are different.

It shows that the series will take one or two more books for the final conclusion. Luckily Kate Reading and Michael Kramer are doing fine narration and thus boredom is not an option for the audience.


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