The Given Sacrifice


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    After two wonderful chapters about Rudi in the series of “Novels of change,” we come to this next chapter where S.M. Stirling once again brings Rudi to a new dimension of changes and troubles, the sort that he never faced in The High King of Montival and Lord of Mountains.

    The beginning is superb and no doubt that has been the trademark of writer creations that he knits the story quite well before moving towards the climax. Rudi has finally won the war against his accursed enemies and has got hold of the kingdom of Montival as its high king. The next step, however, is the most important one i.e to free the people who were once the native of this land and known as Idaho.

    After which he goes to the mountains to face the forces that are behind the forces of the church making them fulfill the evil desires that include the slaughtering of the common people on a massive scale of course. The power of the Void seems to be his next target in the list but the problem is that a simple fight and win will not solve this complex problem that always seems to be going out of hand.

    The Given Sacrifice

    The power of the Void is a thing that can have an impact on Rudi’s future generation as well and this thing makes the war tough to handle. Orlaith too soon realizes that the forces of the church want her dead so that the dreams of her father are shattered once and for all.

    Todd McLaren takes the series to this next level through the narration that has no doubt left an everlasting impact on the listeners.

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