The Golden Princess


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    The Rudi family continues the quest and of course the war against the terror that threatens their lands since the beginning of time and though this time S.M. Stirling has introduced a few new characters the dark side appears to be the same.

    But the new generation in the hero department provides the much-needed energy to the series that was going a bit down in power since the last two parts Lord of Mountains and The Given Sacrifice appeared on the scene in which Rudi appeared to be old and going a bit down in zeal and enthusiasm.

    Princess Orlaith who is the eldest daughter of Rudi Mackenzie restarts the fight once again and this time the fight is not only for the land but it’s also a battle for survival as well because the forces of the church want her dead at any cost. Orlaith takes the help of Reiko the empress of Japan and together they fight their deadliest enemy that can alter their future and affect their past as well.

    The Golden Princess

    They go on a quest that has only one outcome, they would come out of it alive if they succeed otherwise a grim fate awaits them that has eaten up great warriors in the past as well. In order to emerge in the battle, they need a sword that is one of a kind and is a legend in Japan.

    The Grass-Cutting Sword is one of the three treasures of the Imperial house of Japan and only this weapon can give their fight a kind of ending that they need. For the first time in the series, we see two strong female characters emerging and achieving their goals as well. The narration by Todd McLaren continues to impress us as the series goes on and on

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