The Last Jump


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    John E. Nevola pays tribute to the heroes of the World War II by writing this wonderful book that is a complete picture of that ear and the war conditions along with its impact on the human life that cannot resist the temptation of love even when the death is on the door.

    The story begins with the introduction of a time loop that allows the hero to go back in the past. When America was not a perfect land to live in as it was facing the war situation and the hunger and poverty was on the rise.

    It was more teasing than this was the racial issues between the black and the white. The gender discrimination was also tearing the country down on a massive scale.

    It is hard to believe that the world’s superpower used to face such conditions so short a time ago. The novel becomes historical as well when it portrays the picture of the Nazi’s in Germany and the sort of rule that was present in imperial Japan. There is also a divorced journalist J.P. Kilroy.

    Who still remembers his mother’s last wish but does not fulfill it. As he is not interested in his family secrets anymore and the disappearance of his father thirty years ago. He also meets the four old soldiers who know all about his family secrets.

    The Last Jump

    But still they are of not any help at all as they have sworn an oath that they will never reveal those secrets that attached to the world war and the secrecy of their country.  The story is a wonderful amalgam of the past and the present and the writer has done a lot of research in portraying the era in a detailed and correct manner.

    Mike Ortego’s narration goes well with the novel, there are a few hiccups and certain places but overall the narration is good. Revenge of the Pearl Harbor Survivors and The Final Flag are the other two books by the same author that can be heard before or after this one. This may help in order to understand the way that the writer writes about war and the basic themes of his works.

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