Royal Assassin


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Royal Assassin is the penultimate novel in the Farseer trilogy and 2nd chapter in the Realms of the Elderlings novel series. This is a suspenseful mystery thriller with a superb tale. The magnificent tale comes right out of the pen of Robin Hobb who is nothing short of a maestro in his literary domain. She has entertained fictional novel fans with a range of novels. Some of the most prominent novels from the author are Dragon Keeper and The Farseer: Assassin’s Apprentice.

Paul Boehmer has played his part as the narrator of this chapter. His performance was good and quite enjoyable for the listeners.

Fitz is hoping for Red-Ship Raiders to sack a complete coastal village and sparing not even a single man, woman, or a child. Fitz was tortured by this vision and he decided to make a return to the Six Duchies court where nothing is good at all.

Royal Assassin

King Shrewd is struck by a weird illness and Verity, the King in waiting spends his time looking to conjure storms to distract and destruct the Red-Ship Raiders. When he goes on for an insane vision, Fitz is left all alone and without any friends, but for the King’s Fool and wolf Night-eyes with all his cryptic prophecies.

The novels from Robin Hobb are nothing short of diamond in a sea of zircons. Robin Hobb is one of the finest modern-day fantasy writers and you will find her capable of making her novels as addictive as morphine while thoroughly maintaining his imaginative brilliance. This is exactly what you as a listener could experience in this Royal Assassin novel as well.

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Assassin’s Apprentice

Assassin’s Quest


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