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When you think of a beautiful, embellished gown, you think of a princess in your mind on her wedding day or on her day of coronation, right? This book is not just an ordinary book, rather it’s a historical fiction written by the author Jennifer Robson and beautifully and expressively narrated by the narrator Marisa Calin.

It is a fiction based in the past connected to the British monarchy where the writer of the famous books like Somewhere in France and another bestseller including  Goodnight from London, has created an emotional bond between the people in that time when the British nation saw the holocaust, got victory and saw Princess Elizabeth II wedding and rising on the throne.

All these incidents bring too many memories and connected thoughts every time a person recalls from that time.

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And the author has connected that time with the time when one of the characters sees similar pattern as seen on Princess Elizabeth wedding gown back in time about half a century ago.

It is the story about the two girls Anne Hughes and Miriam who got the honor of working on the gown of Princess Elizabeth for her wedding day.

Now Mirriam dassen’s great granddaughter will be investigating about the intricate work she has found and their connection with the ones found and seen on Princess Elizabeth’s wedding gown.

The magical connection, the mystical facts and all the historical British grandeur will mesmerize anyone who loves the traditional stories of old Britain styles and Monarchy till now.

People enjoy the way the author has connected the two times and how well the story flows and the mystery evolves as the granddaughter tries to find the connection between the most observed things around.

You will be enjoying and solving the matter alongside the main character who will be indulged in the scenario and may not want to leave any detail behind.


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