The Housekeeper


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    Revenge can make a person lose his mind very quickly, the brutal self within takes over within no time when someone grabs what belongs to you. Natalie Barelli’s book is more of a revenge story than an ordinary thriller. Feeling that are conveyed with the help of words and the voice of Susie Berneis are really great. Only a woman can write something like that or someone who has lived close to society and analyzed such incidents here and there in the neighborhood.

    Claire the woman who has lost everything has turned into a stalker, she thinks that she never lost anything, everything was snatched from her. Hannah now lives the life and enjoys the luxuries that once belonged to her because now she is Mrs. Carter. Claire is now not the girl she used to be in the early stages of her life. All the charm and the beauty of her face and the physical features have disappeared and she thinks that now this thing would be helpful for her more than ever. She can sneak into her enemy’s house without being noticed, as a housekeeper of course and when the time is right can put the mask down.

    The Housekeeper

    The quality and appearance of the female character take us back to Missing Molly and The Accident. These stories were written by Natalie in the early stages of her career and still a lot of themes could be considered common. The places where the two women go like the saloon and so on are the places we usually observe in most of writer’s works throughout her journey towards glory and greatness.

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