The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy

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The Montague Siblings are back and here the young girl of the family is in more than one kind of troubles. Felicity has recently come back home after her stay in England with her brother, and during that journey she has made some resolutions. Resolution by which she would be able to change her life forever, firstly like her brother in The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue she does not want to marry.

Luckily for the family she does not have issues which her brother was facing in the first and second part. Felicity is in love but that love is not for a person, she wants to join field of science so that one day she would be called a doctor.

She easily makes her family change their decision related to her marriage but the second part of her dream is a hard nut to crack. She wants to become a doctor and the male of the time don’t consider women worthy enough for the field. The girl is sure that the administration would never let her in the field until she finds some hidden link.

The Felicity hears about her friend’s marriage in Germany with a doctor and she knows that this is the connection she was looking for. She can convince her friend and her husband to help her enter the field but for that she had to go to Germany for which she lacks funds. Sadly no one around her can help her except for the woman who looks untrustworthy in so many ways. She wants to go to Germany with Felicity in form of her maid servant and although the hidden agenda seemed a little terrorizing Felicity still takes the bait. Another beautifully arranged part by Mackenzi Lee in the voice of Moira Quirk and if someone hasn’t gone through the first part it is not needed at all.

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