The Land of Painted Caves


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    The opening of the series described Ayla as a helpless girl who was without any parents and a house of her own. Being taken in by the Clan changed her life an identity forever, she was one of the “Others” but they never came for her. Facing enmity and hate of the new emerging leader in the Clan made her life miserable but the girl survived and became strong. Her urge for more knowledge about the land forced her to start a journey that made her meet Jondalar. Together the two visited the “Others” and then went to Zelandonii.

    During this Ayla tamed animals and healed people, also gaining and sharing knowledge continued in The Valley of Horses and The Mammoth Hunters.  Ayla has a family now that includes a little daughter too but she is working for the betterment of the people still. She is enhancing her knowledge and skills so that she can become the spiritual leader that she is destined to become.

    Jean M. Auel gave the girl a tour of all the kingdoms so that she can absorb all the good that is there in the land and finally emerge as a savior for all of them.

    The Land of Painted Caves

    Also for the animals, the girl is a guide and for the humans, the method of taming and hunting has changed after Ayla’s arrival. Sandra Burr narrates the character of a girl who possesses the gift of knowledge and though she was once helpless now she can bring all the clans on one page. She has studied the culture of each one of them and has full awareness of the fears they have for each other.


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    2 thoughts on “The Land of Painted Caves”

    1. Thank you so much! I absolutely love this series and couldn’t find this book anywhere. I have the first 3 on audible from years ago and couldn’t afford the last 2. The first book was a huge part of my childhood but my mother wouldn’t let me listen to the rest until I was an adult. Now I know why lol

    2. I had been listening to the first 3 books and was over joyed to find this last book. I have been on this journey with Ayla for the entire summer. It has accompanied me while I work in the garden or while I had been remodling my home in the mountains of WA . I find myself wanting to gather my own herbs and making my medicinal tinchers.
      I am always going to think of the summer and fall of 2021 as the journey I took with Ayla and learned of her world in the past.


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