The Last Ever After

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 The School for Good and Evil, Book 3

In the series of ‘ the school of good and evil this the book 3 which is titled as the last ever after  as it continues with the fantasy filled world of the two characters Sophie and Agatha. The author Soman Chainani has creative a massive sensation in a way that the listeners never feel a part from these characters and every time the events are confronted, most people feel just like experiencing inside the story and never want to get out of it.

In the end of the trilogy based events, the things that were made earlier,  turn the other way round and everything is new again but for Sophie and Agatha are now going to struggle with their past and future fantasies to find out their desired every after ending so that they can be at peace and harmony without a confusion.

The overall story is well-composed and written in an engaging way. Just as the way Agatha and Sophie wanted to get the ending they wanted, they never knew if their storybook is completed now or not.

Just in the same way when Agatha and Sophie figured out their true inner self the first book The School for Good and Evil this one also continues to uncover the hidden fantasies both characters have and how they sort things out in favor of the good side.

In this book you will find Agatha and Sophie fighting back with the evil though it is not clear if Agatha will be with Sophie for helping her or will stay undecided to see the strength of evil. They will figure out the way that work for both of them to find peace and the true desired ending they always wanted.

They will explore the forces, the fantasies and all the happenings around them to know what actually happened there and how they can help the overall events to find the right way out and return the real things in places where they should be.

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