The Omen Machine

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The Omen Machine marks as the opening chapter of the Richard and Kahlan novel series. This is part of the original Sword of Truth novel series and stand as its 12th part. Sam Tsoutsouvas  with his brilliant narration abilities once again inspire all his fans. He knows the art that how to compel all his listeners throughout the novel with his stern tone, which he has done in The Omen machine novel as well.

The characters and the storyline initiates with a very sharp and thrilling start, which you all would definitely admire. It continue sot build up on this throughout the novel with never a single dull moment.

An accident happens, which leads to the discovery of a very suspicious machine. The discovered machine, which is expected to rest in a hidden state too deep in the underground for endless years. The machine upon its discovery awaken to start initiating a long series of omen, in an alarming manner. The omens proved to be surprisingly very accurate and more than that, ominous. Zedd tries extremely hard to find out a way to destruct that sinister device.

The machine then issues a cataclysmic omen as well, which included Kahlan and Richard as well, while projecting an imminent event, which is something beyond the ability of anyone to stop.

World’s First Rule and Blood of the Fold novels further elaborates the brilliance of Terry Goodkind as a writer. If you are not looking to take any chances and not looking to experiment with any other book, then just go with these recommended novels as they promises not to bore you. You will get to enjoy the science fiction fantasy novel series at its best.





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    1. The mispronunciation of Kahlan, Rikka and Aydindril make this book completely unlistenable. Is that really Sam Tsoutsouvas really the reader?


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