The One and Only Ivan

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Although the book is written by Katherine Applegate and Patricia Castelao but the story comes to the listener through the mouth of a gorilla. Ivan i.e the gorilla has been in captivity for a very longtime but it is alright for him because he is not bored at all. He has adjusted himself in the container which is his home now in the middle of a shopping mall.

People come and go, some look at him closely for a moment or so but all of this is part of daily routine. The eyes of the people don’t irritate Ivan anymore. Rather he likes to be in the company of the people and in spare time he watches television or different paintings hung in the mall. Life seems to be pleasant for him till the day he meet Ruby. Ruby the baby elephant is freshly brought from the wild that reminds Ivan the days when he was brought to that place from the jungle.

Suddenly his mind starts craving to see the wild once more. His heart desires to see the place where he was born and in this way he would be able to meet other members of his specie. Ivan starts seeing the glass room as a cage now and finally he feels that it is an injustice on part of humans. Fans of Home of the Brave and The Last would without any doubt take it as a different story but it still is appealing. Adam Grupper the narrator of the novel tries to adjust his voice with the gorilla all the time but voice looked more suitable for Ruby. However no big blunder is there and the book is a special item for the students.



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